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SIGWATCH data is gathered daily and processed by our expert editorial team in multiple languages. Each data point is checked by a human, to ensure complete accuracy and proper understanding of the nuances of activist campaigning.

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Each campaign action is categorized by issue, market, industry, and activist groups involved. We record corporates and industries targeted, and provide a reputational impact score to measure praise and criticism. The data can be accessed through a range of analytical tools on our online platform. We can also provide API and secure FTP access.

Data-driven insights

We contextualise and analyse trends and policy discourse to allow companies to constructively engage with activism, react to emerging issues, and make responsible decisions.

Research & insights

Quality data must always be accompanied by sound interpretation. SIGWATCH’s team of policy analysts, lawyers, and activism experts are on hand to offer unique insight and guidance to clients. Our offerings include quarterly sentiment monitoring for corporates and industries; deep dives into activist policy and demands on specific issues, ventures, or investments, horizon scanning, and risk analysis; amongst others. We help you to connect the dots and make the complexity of activist policy easier to grasp.

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For those who need to keep a finger on the pulse of activist campaigning, SIGWATCH’s daily newsletter gives a snapshot of all global activity picked up in the past 24 hours. Clients may tailor their newsletter to receive inputs on sectors and issues most relevant to their organisation.

Material Risks

SIGWATCH’s monthly Material Risks report is carefully curated from hundreds of NGO actions over the past month to identify early signals of new or revived campaigns that could create significant challenges for business and investors. Intended to help you can stay ahead of the curve, these alerts include analysis from our team of experts, detailing how the new campaigns will affect industry and government.

Quarterly Activism Trends

Intended to give a quarterly high-level view of global and regional campaigning over the previous year, Quarterly Activism Trends lays out the hottest issues for each sector, identifying which are rising, which are falling, and where you need to be paying attention.

A bespoke service

SIGWATCH’s analysis of the impact of activism is tailored to your business needs. Our team has experience working with clients across all sectors on the full spectrum of issues – from human rights to biodiversity loss to alternative energy sources.