Effective May 1, 2023 Charlotte Moore will be taking on the role of Managing Director of SIGWATCH, a global activism consultancy and data provider. As MD, Charlotte will be responsible for all the operational management of SIGWATCH. The current MD, Robert Blood, becomes Founder Chairman, focusing on company strategy and partnerships.

Additionally, David Hamon will be stepping into Charlotte’s previous role of Head of Research.

Charlotte’s new role reflects the major contribution she has made to the management and growth of SIGWATCH over the past four years. It also builds on her great success with the development and expansion of SIGWATCH’s research unit. She has been a company Director and member of the board since October 2022. We are very excited about these changes and believe they will take SIGWATCH from strength to strength.


SIGWATCH is the leading consultancy and data provider on activism, working with many of the world’s major companies, investors, and professional advisors. It provides a unique dataset on campaigning covering every major economy which is brought to life by a team of specialists who provide the relevant political, social and legal context.

SIGWATCH was founded by Robert Blood, an expert in corporate reputation management, to help companies understand and engage with activist groups. He pioneered quantitative analysis of NGO campaigning to identify trends and emerging issues, and to help predict the impact of activism on public and political opinion.

A bespoke service

SIGWATCH’s analysis of the impact of activism is tailored to your business needs. Our team has experience working with clients across all sectors on the full spectrum of issues – from human rights to biodiversity loss to alternative energy sources.