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    SIGWATCH tracks NGO campaigns and the emerging issues driven by activists nationally and globally so our customers can stay ahead of reputational problems and market liabilities. Below is a small sample of our latest intelligence. Click the other tabs on this page to see how we turn this data into valuable business planning trends and insights.
    NZ consumer group attacks 'expensive, unnecessary' pregnancy multivitamins
    NEW ZEALAND – Consumer NZ claimed after a 'mystery shopper' survey that many pharmacies...
    Engie accused of exaggerating decarbonization efforts
    FRANCE / CHILE – Amis de la Terre (FoE France) published photographs from Tocopilla and Mejillones...
    Australia's biggest companies 'neglecting' climate change disclosure
    AUSTRALIA – Market Forces, a FoE Australia campaign, accused Australia's top companies of failing...
    Major British supermarkets accused of selling 'cruel' eggs
    UK – Animal Equality claimed it had discovered severe animal suffering at a Dorset farm supplying...
    Portuguese consumer group warning over 'fake health claims' for novel fruits
    PORTUGAL – Consumer watchdog Deco Proteste warned consumers not to be misled by “fake”...
    ENGO, Portuguese construction industry launch 'circular economy' initiative
    PORTUGAL – ENGO Quercus and Portal da Construcao Sustentavel (PCS – Sustainable Construction...
    US fisheries agency sued over lack of protections for Pacific humpback whale
    U.S. – Center for Biological Diversity, Turtle Island Restoration Network and Wishtoyo Foundation...
    Consumer education drive on data protection launched in Brazil
    BRAZIL – Consumer watchdog IDEC and the student run Legal Group of XI de Agosto held a seminar...
    US EPA rebuked over 'reversing' emissions rules on oil and gas drilling
    U.S. – Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is urging supporters to demand the U.S. EPA reverse its...
    French ENGOs call on supermarkets to drive zero pesticide ambition
    FRANCE – Attac, Generations Futures (Pesticide Action Network France), Greenpeace, WWF, France...
    Above is a small sample of more than 120 activist news alerts we publish EVERY week, covering every industry sector and economically significant country. To see our entire output and more, ask for a free trial – just click the red button on this page.
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